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Chinese drywall

I was flabergasted when I saw the news report regarding the Chinese drywall a few weeks ago, and relieved for my clients when I learned that this drywall was predominately sold to large tract builders.   That is, if you purchased your drywall from Home Depot, Lowes, etc, it is unlikely that you received this toxic material.

Here is an update post regarding a class action lawsuit:,2624,HPRO_26526_5942046,00.html?nl=HGPro_v212c_Top5-Chinese

The defective drywall emits sulfur compounds that corrode air conditioning coils, and damages other metals on items inside the home, including jewelry, chrome, silverware and copper wiring inside electrical outlets.  Also,  people who live in homes with the drywall have reported health complaints, from nosebleeds, headaches and nausea to respiratory problems. 

It has been found now in 41 states.

By the way, we still have financing available for owner-builders in most states…  most programs require 20% down.