Earth Day!

My family is currently considering building a home in the Santa Fe area, and so I have begun to gather GREEN ideas that are not too costly to implement. I do welcome your finds in this area.

Recently saw the new flush toliets; a button on the back of the toliet lets you choose a half-flush or a full flush! Now that is cool! Find more information here:

Another area is working in solar power for outdoor lighting needs- not your Walmart solar path lights.. but on a grander scale. Look here for lots of ideas:

Also to consider are devices that will completely cut power to outlets to save on current being sucked out even while the appliances are off. I have seen power strips that can do this, or even a remote control unit.

Definitely to consider are the tankless water heaters; I had one in my previous home in Montana.. loved it! I believe I discussed this in an earlier post including rebates available for them.

Wind power- our area receives seasonal spring winds… why not harness some of this? OK, yes, these big systems are still costly, but how about the new HYmini?
This unit puts wind power into a handset, storing electricity for small devices like cellphones. HEY.. every little bit counts!

Please note that lenders still require homes to be on the grid- plan on hooking up, but using the alternative power sources to lesson your usage, and to lesson your carbon imprint!



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