Drywall and mold

I recently saw a commercial on TV advertising drywall with the stud side having NO paper.  The ad indicated that it is the paper that the mold grows on.

Curious, I went to the search engines to learn more… finding this: “Mold proof drywall?  You must be kidding! 

At www.askthebuilder.com Tim Carter indicates “Because mold is in the forefront of the news, wall and ceiling panel manufacturers are constantly rolling out products that are both water-resistant and even inhibit the growth of mold on the surface of the panel. But as with any new product, always be sure to read the technical literature produced by the manufacturer.”

I found out that “Mold’s favorite food appears to be wallboard, also called drywall. Its paper or cellulose backing contains a smorgasbord of organic treats that mold spores crave. A nasty black mold called Stachybotrys chartarum is particularly fond of drywall.” (http://www.palmbeachpost.com/storm/content/storm/getready/after/mold.html)

First thoughts after reading all this are..

  1. live in the high-dry desert like me (LOL)
  2. research and read the fine-print on these new drywall products
  3. Keep all wood studs dry, and check that your supplier does the same
  4. Allow your framing to dry before putting up drywall.
  5. Research and read fine-print about mold-resistant paints.
  6. Install fans in the bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.
  7. Waterproof the home… ie flashing on the roof and/or french drains in the foundation

My favorite channel, HGTV, has a website: www.hgtvpro.com and they recommend:  “BuildIQ has a Mold Assessment and Remediation course that gives you step-by-step guidance. For more information, visit BuildIQ.com. In addition, the Building America program offers a wealth of information on ways to proactively address mold issues. Check out the “For Builder’s” section of their website or click here for more information. ”
BE Pro-ACTIVE when it comes to mold!

A few sources:

 United States Gypsum Company
Humitek Gypsum Panels
Toll-free: 800-874-4968
Website: www.usg.com

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum DensArmor paperless drywall http://www.stopfeedingmold.com/?ID=TOH2

Lafarge Regular Drywall with Mold Defense


2 Responses to “Drywall and mold”

  1. 1 mold remediation San Diego August 12, 2014 at 8:59 am

    There’s the oar to the left, which is in the corner.
    If you want to completely remove black mold from your
    home and make it safe for your family, there are
    some steps that you need to take. While many can live with small stains in the
    carpeting, and cover them with pieces of furniture,
    remember that any growth beneath or within the padding will be
    far more expensive the longer it spreads.

  2. 2 mold removal San Jose August 22, 2014 at 5:49 am

    These factors mold and manipulate the shape and cross-section’the structure’of
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