Organizing your build project

If you are acting as your own project manager, it will be critical to stay organized.   Here are a few ways to consider:

  1. Set up a file box just for material samples;
  2. Set up another file box, with file folders, for subcontractor bids and material costs;
  3. Use a notebook to help organize your ideas;
  4. Use a flow-chart to help schedule your subs (email me for this:;
  5. Post your bids to a computer spreadsheet.

BuildMax offers a FREE Project Workbook.  A valuable tool, this customized Excel multi-page spreadsheet offers a Project Preliminary Analysis, and a computerized program for you to build your budget item by item.   You can use the information within the Project Workbook to help you move forward with your build as it will help you:

  1. See the different areas that you will need to obtain costs/bids for (i.e. don’t leave anything out!);
  2. Indicate a total estimated loan amount needed- adding in lender fees, reserve funds, and estimated closings fees to your soft and hard costs;
  3. Help you decide if the project makes sense for you (i.e. overimproving the property or beyond your qualifications).

For your FREE project workbook, enter your details HERE.


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